The Cheapest Way To Distribute Your Music On iTunes

Being musician for many years, I have tried many music services for independent distribution into iTunes. While CDBaby and Tunecore are probably the most widely used out there, I am excited to have discovered a new service that will likely give the other companies a good run for their money. Distrokid is a very innovative and forward thinking company that will save you a lot of money. They will let you try out the service by uploading one song absolutely free! I tried it, and I must say I’m blown away. My song was in the iTunes store within 3 hours. I don’t think any other service can match this type of speed. If you decide to upgrade, you can pay $19.99 per year and upload as many songs as you like! This is absolutely brilliant. Many musicians are on a budget and often have to choose which songs they want to upload. Well now, you don’t have to anymore. That really is a bargain price. I would often release singles on CDBaby and it was costing me about $15 per song. That adds up quickly.


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