The Best VST Buss Compressor Plugins For 2013

Most mixing engineers prefer to use a little bit of compression on the stereo buss to help meld and glue the mix together. Let’s look at a few great buss compression plugins that are popular in the audio community.

The Glue (Cytomic) $99

This is one of the most popular buss compression plugins at the moment. It’s modeled after the classic SSL style compressor and for the price, I would say it’s a great bargain.


* classic SSL console compression emulation

* ultra fast attack time up to 0.01 ms

* 64 bit support (VST/Audio Units/Rtas)

Cytomic the glue vst buss

Steven Slate Virtual Buss Compressors $199

This is the newest offerings from Steven Slate, and it’s been welcomed with great excitement in the audio community. You get 3 very high quality modeled compressors to really spank and polish your final mixes.


* high quality, accurately modeled plugin from analog counterpart

* Classic 4000 series compressor emulation

* red faced compressor emulation (popular one used by Chris Lorde Alge)

* MU style compressor emulation (based on the classic Fairchild 670 and the Manley Vari Mu)

* many great presets to work with

* VST, Rtas and AU compatibility

Steven slate virtual buss compressor vst

Waves SSL G-Master Buss Compressor $449 (part of the SSL native bundle)

A great SSL compressor licensed from SSL themselves.


* modeled after the famed 4000 SSL series G compressor

* 96k support

* great on the master buss as well as drum groups

Ssl 4000 g series waves compressor

PSP Old Timer ME $99

This is a great compressor buss plugin that is endorsed by many top mixing engineers.


* great vintage style compression

* presets for compression, limiting and mastering applications

* 64 bit support

* up to 192k compatibility

Psp oldtimer old timer vst buss compressor

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