The Best Reverb VST Plugins For 2013

Chances are that your daw already came with a decent or good sounding reverb plugin.  But if you want a high quality reverb, you may consider purchasing one.  A high quality reverb plugin can give your mixes depth and polish if used properly without any of the harshness that is commonly found on cheap reverb plugins. So lets take a look that great contenders. 

Altiverb 7 $595

Talk to any audio professional who mixes ITB and chances are that they use Altiverb. Altiverb is one of the most natural and lush sounding reverb plugins out there, at any price. If you are looking to replace your outboard reverberation units, Altiverb 7 should be on your short list. 


* cpu efficient

* 64 bit support

* quality patches created from high quality samples or actual real places (which range from the Sydney Opera House to the cockpit of a 747 jet)

* huge impulse response library available

* great visual browser

* incredible features for post production professionals (full automation with snapshots

* 96k support (Rtas/VST/AU/MAS plugin formats)

(An actual hall that was sampled for a preset in Altiverb)

Altiverb 7 largh hall preset reverb plugin

(Altiverb 7 features a great visual browser)

Altiverb 7 visual browser


Lexicon PCM Native Bundle $499

Lexicon has been one of the top names in the reverb industry for over 30 years. Their popular outboard units including the 480L, 960L, PCM 90/91 and PCM 70 have been a stable in quality studios around the world.  Lexicon has that unmistakable sound, and now you can have it as a plugin in your favourite daw.


* Classic Lexicon Reverb (vintage plate, plate, hall, room, random hall, concert hall and chamber)

* excellent sound quality

* additional eq section

* multi-dimensional realtime display

(Lexicon’s interface is simple and easy to use)

Lexicon PCM Native Bundle Reverb



ValhallaRoom $50

Valhalla seems to have made a huge splash in the plugin world by offering a top notch reverb plugin at a bargain price.  The algorithms are of such high quality that you may actually prefer them over the more expensive Altiverb and Lexicon offerings. People have compared it to this plugin to Lexicon’s famed 480L.


* high quality, lush reverb presets

* true stereo algorithm

* very versatile with patches ranging from traditional rooms, plates and halls to artificial modulated spaces

* simple and easy to use interface

* 64 bit support for both OSX and Windows (VST and Audio Units), 32 bit for RTAS OSX

(A nice DUI makes it easy to quickly adjust all your parameters)

Valhallaroom valhalla room plugin vst