New Pro Tools 11 Released

There seems to be a lot of hype following the official release for Dididesign’s Pro Tools 11. Is it hype, or are you getting value with the latest release? When I was running a studio in LA back in 2002, ¬†Pro Tools had it’s purpose. Back then, an HD system was one of the few viable working solutions for running a session with over 100 tracks and stacks of plugins (with a lot of the movie work I was doing, I couldn’t imagine working on another system). Today, it’s a different story altogether. I happily ditched Pro Tools years ago and have never looked back. On a native system today with practically any daw off the shelf, you can record and produce to your heart’s content. Even on a decent laptop, you can run a session with over 100 tracks if needed. So why is Pro Tools still gouging it’s customers with high upgrade costs?

Digidesign pro tools 11 aax plugins

New Features

* 64 bit performance (finally, most daws have had this feature for years)

* Offline bounce (it’s about time. I think most Pro Tools users would happily upgrade just for this feature alone as it will be a huge time saver)

* ultra-low latency with a dedicated input buffer (great improvement for those running a native Pro Tools system)

* Extended metering (the new K-system will come in handy for many)

*Play and edit HD video with the new Avid Video Engine (as far as I know, this is the only Daw that can edit HD video. Mind you, most people working on video will just export a low res version of the final video for Pro Tools work, so I don’t know how many people would actually use this feature).

*AAX native 64 bit support (really, another brand new plugin format that developers have to play catch up on? I think I’ll just stick with Cubase so I don’t have to worry about VST plugins I bought years ago.)


If you are running a pro studio and have clients constantly coming in with Pro Tools sessions, then I’m sure you will upgrade as it could make your sessions run more efficiently. But for many people, I can sense that they will stick with their current version of Pro Tools (because they would like to use their old plugins they paid a fortune for) and others will jump ship altogether refusing to be price gouged on another update.

Pro Tools 11 Alternatives?

If you produce and mix your own material, or are running a smaller project studio, there is no reason you need to stick with pro tools. There are many options on the market you can look at.

* Reaper (incredible features, super efficient and only $60)

* Cubase 7 (my personal favourite. Great user interface, it comes stock with fantastic plugins and virtual instruments. It also has great innovative features, like the chord track and chord assistant which are an incredible tool for songwriters.)

* Logic 9 (although it has not been updated in a long time, it really is a bargain at $199 for what you get. Thousands of loops, great virtual instruments and plugins all included)

* Presonus Studio One (I think this daw is really underrated. It has a very friendly interface and compatible with VST)

* Reason 7 (Reason is a fun daw to work with. For the price it is a great bargain since it comes stacked with plugins, combinators and virtual instruments. The SSL modelled mixer is a straightforward way to mix your music as you have all the needed controls on every channel (eq/compressor/gate/sends), always accessible.

* Cakewalk Sonar X2 (a great bargain for your money. 64 bit performance, sleek interface and many included sounds and effects).

There are many more daws available out there, the ones mentioned here are a few of the more popular ones. You can look into which one suits your workflow the best. Look into Ableton Live, Fruity Loops, Digigital Performer and Samplitude among others.

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