Nektar Impact LX49 Review

The original Nektar Panorama keyboard controller made quite a splash when it was released catering to the Reason musician. It had great integration with the Reason mixer, devices, faders and effects. Later on, they integrated full Cubase support and sales took off further. At about $499 US, it was still out of the price range of many home hobbyist musicians. With the Nektar Impact LX49, it is sure to turn heads in the highly competitive usb controller market.

At first glance, here is what I really like about it this model:

* Full size keys

* Slim design, great for small desktop studios

* 9 faders for controlling your daw’s mixer and other settings

* Transport control

* 8 rotary encoders for your plugins/automation

* Drum pads for programming your rhythm parts

* Quick access to your mixer, instrument and presets at the touch of a button

* Separate pitch and modulation controls (I prefer this over having a single joystick control as found on many other keyboard controllers)

* Dedicated Octave and Transpose button (the transpose button is really handy, especially if you are not a great keyboard player. Once you learned to play a part, just transpose it quickly to another key and keep playing)

* Premapped to support most major Daws (Cubase, Reason, Pro Tools, etc.; even  Garageband)

* Price $159 (Excellent price for the features you get)

(Alternatives: At this price, the closest contender would have to be the Novation Launchkey 49 which is catering more to the Ableton Live market)

Nektar impact lx49 review

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