How An Unknown Country Music Artist Reached #1 On The Amazon Charts With No Radio Airplay

Have you ever heard of country music star Michael Lee Austin? Chances are you probably never have. Back in April of 2006, he had the music industry baffled. Literally within a few days He reached #1 on the Amazon country music charts, #1 on the Amazon indie charts, and #1 on the Amazon overall best sellers chart, beating all heavily marketed and well known major label artists. But how could he do this? He had no radio airplay, no music video, no following on Youtube, Facebook or Twitter. What was behind this fiasco?

Genius Marketing Gimmick

It turns out Michael Lee Austin was really an internet marketing guru named Armand Morin. He had been a successful marketer (teaching thousands of business on how to succeed) since 1996.  He put a strategic plan to put his musical passion on the charts. He recorded his own country music album (nothing spectacular) and set out to leverage his marketing skills on the music industry. He had a huge number of people following his marketing strategies and he, along with his close inner circle of marketing gurus went to work. They set up a website offering exclusive entrance into a very expensive marketing seminar online. The price of admission: 2 of his country music albums.  People would buy 2 copies of his cd on Amazon and email him the copy of the receipt. He would then give them exclusive access to his webinar. Knowing how exclusive this opportunity was, people jumped on it, by the thousands. And that, propelled him to the top of the Amazon charts in only 4 days!

Michael lee austin armand morin

Check out his website here, it’s an absolute brilliant music marketing strategy.


  • SNFU BAR says:

    Great strategy for anyone who is more interested in being a web marketing guru than a musician…

    • admin says:

      Yes, good point. But it goes to show that if you are an independent musician and think outside the box, anything is quite possible. It just comes down to having a clever, innovative idea and putting in a working plan. I’m sure if this marketer had true talent, he would have climbed to the top of the Billboard charts with all the exposure he received.

      • VISTOR says:

        Maybe. The problem with this thinking is you’re no longer talking about music first. This is like “touring and t-shirts.” It’s a lot more cost effective to sell “T-shirts” without having to invest in a band and touring expenses.

        If music is the secondary business, than that’s just what it is. There are a lot of hobbyists musicians, which is fine. But that’s not making a living, making music – which IMHO should be the point…