Fxpansion BFD2: One Of The Best VST Drums Package At Any Price!

If you are in the market for a VST drum sample library, Fxpansion BFD2 should be on your short list. There are many great vst drums available that are popular with producers (Superior Drummer, Steven Slate Drums and Native Instrument’s Studio drummer are great choices which all have their strengths). But for me, BFD2 seems to shine in sonics and versatility. For about $299 (or less), you get 50 gigs of premium quality drums. All the samples were recorded in Air Studios in London, using a Neve console and the best vintage and new microphones money can buy. You are basically getting the best Vst drums at this price (or any price for that matter). It runs in 64 bit so it’s optimized for all the latest DAWs. It can also be expanded with other various drum kit packages (mind you, you probably won’t find a need to since you can get great sounds out of the box for pop, rock, metal and funk. And, you can also import your own samples for creative layering effects.

Fxpansion bfd2 best vst drums

Each sound can be tweaked to your heart’s content, from the tuning, levels, eq, dampening and much more. You can choose to have each sound isolated from the kit or you can control the bleed amount; it simply does not get more realistic than BFD2.  You even have control over how much room ambience you would like from each sound via the standard overhead mics, a close stereo microphone pair and a further stereo mic set placed close to the the ceiling in the tracking room (talk about control). You can even set the distance of the microphones and the width position, wow!  I really love BFD2 for the fact that that you can get a fantastic sound right of the box without any further processing or digital effects, just buy controlling the mic, levels and natural room ambience via the 3 sets of room microphones. Of course, you have all the processing tools you could ever want included. You get PSP vintage warmer, an excellent quality reverb (Breverb) for plates/rooms and halls and you get even more plugins: a compressor, eq, filter, delays, bit crusher, an envelope shaper to name a few. All these plugin effects are controlled via it’s own mixer interface. You can save each patch or just as a mixer setting (very handy to recall in future sessions).

Bfd2 vst drums mixer interface

To get the most of BFD2, you really need to hook it up to an electronic kit. The multi-mapped samples deliver such realism that you wouldn’t be able to tell if your drums were triggered or recorded live if played by a drummer or an great drum programmer. If you would rather not program your own drums, BFD2 comes equipped with it’s own sequencer and thousands of great drum grooves (you can either use the built in sequencer or just drop the grooves into your own DAW as midi files.

Bfd2 vst drum sequencer grooves 64 bit Installation

Installing was a breeze. I opted for the online download (depending on your internet speed, you may want to buy a boxed DVD version as it could take a up to a few hours to finish downloading). Once installed, you authorize it and your good to go, no hassles and no dealing with additional dongles.

In Use

I’m using BFD2 in Cubase 7 without any problems (on a Macbook Pro) . You can choose to use BFD2 as a contained plugin with all it’s included effects. Or, as I did in Cubase, you can use the multi outs (16 mono outs and 8 stereo outs) and spread it to separate channels. This way, you can freely use any of your favorite  Vst plugins on any individual drum sound or bus.

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