Cool iPhone/iPod Touch iOS Devices For Music Recording And Production

It really doesn’t get any more convenient than having an iPhone or iPod Touch in your pocket and being able to record and produce ideas on the go. So lets look at what cool devices are available to aid in your recording/producing process.


IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast $39.99

If you want a cheap upgrade to your iPhone’s/iPod’s internal microphone, the iRig Mic cast is a good choice. Just plug it in to your headphone jack and you have a great little microphone to record on the go. It even has a headphone jack built in to you can monitor exactly what you are recording in real time.


Ik multimedia irig mic cast

Apogee MiC $199

If you need a studio quality condenser microphone on the go, you won’t be disappointed with the Apogee mic. You get excellent, studio quality results in a compact, rugged microphone that you can take with you anywhere. Track vocals anywhere on your iPod/iPad or record your podcast in stunning quality. Your listeners will appreciate it.

Apogee mic


Keyboard Controllers

Akai Synthstation 25 $89.99

The Synthstation is an excellent choice if you own an iPhone/iPad touch. It’s touch sensitive, runs on batteries (you can get an optional ac adapter that charges your iOS device while you play) and is conveniently small and very portable. Just slip it into your backpack and you can create music anywhere. Another great feature is the built in rca jacks (as well as headphone jack). You can connect it to speakers and effectively set up a tiny studio anywhere you choose.

Akai synthstation 25 for iphone ipod touch

IK Multimedia iRig KEYS $89.99

You might find that 25 keys is a little bit limiting in compact keyboard controllers. The iRig keys has 37 touch sensitive mini keys, great to play songs with two hands. It’s very portable, has a dedicated pitch and modulation wheel and an expression pedal input.

Ik multemedia irig keys 37 Sound Interfaces

Tascam iU2

If you want a full blown interface at a great price, the Tascam iU2 is a great value for the money.  It has 2 mic/line inputs, headphone out, midi in and out and a digital s/pdif output. These are great features you will not often find in an entry level interface. It will work with all iOS devices, but I’m sure it’s tailored more for people who want to set up a mini recording studio around their iPad.

Tascam iu2 audio interface

Apogee One

The Apogee One is a fantastic breakthrough product. It features a great built in microphone (for stunning audio quality on the go). It also features a high quality, 2 channel interface with 1 xlr input (with a preamp that has 63db’s of gain) and a 1/4 inch instrument input. This is a fantastic for any singer, songwriter, rapper or musician that wants a very high quality audio recordings on the go, for a budget price.

Apogee one ipod audio interface Guitar Interfaces

IK Multimedia AmpliTube iRig $39.99

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to record your guitar to your iPhone/iPod touch, the iRig is a great choice. You get a 1/4 guitar input and headphone jack so you can play and hear your recording in real time. It also comes with an AmpliTube guitar app so you can play and record through fantastic guitar effects including 11 quality stomp boxes, 5 modelled guitar amps, 5 cabinets, and 2 microphone models. It also features a built-in tuner so you’ll always be ready to record your next guitar idea anywhere.

Ik multimedia guitar irig amplitube interface

Apogee Jam

If you are more serious about your guitar or bass tone, the Apogee Jam is a fantastic little interface for your iOS devices. It will give you top notch apogee digital conversion and 24 bit, 44.1k fidelity recordings. You can record great guitar or bass tones where ever you are, and they’ll sound great. It is really made for no fuss, easy audio recordings. It features a convenient gain wheel so you can get the perfect level in seconds and begin recording.

Apogee jam guitar interface iphone Docks

Alesis Jamdock $99.99

The Alesis Jamdock is a nifty little unit for anyone that wants to rehearse or practice along with recordings. Just plug in your guitar, play your favourite mp3 and jam along.

Alesis jamdock ipod interface


High End

Fostex HP-P1 $699.99

If you want to just kick back and listen to music on your iPhone/iPod in absolute pristine, audiophile quality, the Fostex HP-P1 professional headphone amplifier is for you. Yes, it’s expensive, but if you are in the market for one of these, you probably own a set a audiophile headphones in the $1500 range like the Sennheiser HD800.

Fostex HP P1 iphone ipad audiophile headphone amplifier 

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