Alternative Ways To Make Money From Your Music As A Struggling Musician

So you want to be rich and famous like the thousands of other musicians out there. But while you sit around waiting for your next break (which may never happen), why not start earning money from your music in the process. Once you start earning a bit of money from being creative, you’ll gain the confidence to continue to follow your dreams of Rock Stardom!

Become a famous rockstar

1. Fiverr 

Have you ever heard of In case you haven’t, it’s basically a website where people offer their services (what they are willing to do for only $5). If you are dead broke, why not list yourself on Fiverr and start making a few bucks. Depending on how many hours you want to work, you can certainly earn a full time income in no time. They key is to offer a service that you can complete quickly and efficiently. Also, try to distinguish yourself from other providers so you add value to your service.

Fiverr online marketplace

What can you offer?

If you are a singer, you can offer to sing accapella for birthday wishes. Or you can offer to create a custom jingle for a business. If you play an instrument, you can compose a quick instrumental for up and coming singers. If you are a beat maker, why not sell a few quick beats for $5 bucks? Be creative.

2. Royalty Free Libraries

Do you have many songs that you released but never went anywhere? Why not list them on royalty free websites. There are a lot of filmmakers that need music for their projects and are on a budget, and they may just purchase the rights to use your song for their movie, commercial or documentary. The great thing is that you can resell the same song, over and over again since you own the copyright. You are basically granting the buyer a right to use the song, not own it. Many people release the songs as they are on their album, and also provide an instrumental version (instrumentals still dominate the industry). Also, if you have songs that you started writing and producing but then decided not to, just  polish them up and list them as instrumentals. You never know what type of song or mood people are looking for that will suit their project. Their are many websites that offer these types of services (most will split the profits with you 50/50. A few notable ones you should check out are Pond5, Revostock and Audiomicro. If you have a large library, you can look into other companies such as ProductionTrax, AudioSparx and PumpAudio (now owned by Getty Images).

Pond5 music audio marketplace

3. Offer Your Music For Free For Video/Film Projects 

This could be a good way to get your music out there. You can list all your music on a blog or website and promote your self on forums frequented by up and coming filmmakers and producers. You can grant them the right to use your music providing they report it to a performance rights agency. Make sure to sign up for one such as Ascap, BMI or Socan (if you are Canadian) and list all your songs.   If one of these projects takes off, you can start earning royalties (for the times your music airs on television or radio.

Independent filmmaker

4. Become A Movie Extra

(What? I’m not even an actor you say?. Just do it. If you are broke and currently not working, sign up with a local talent agency and you’ll make some quick cash occasionally working as an extra on film, tv and video shoots. You get paid, you get quality catered free food and drinks, and you have a lot of downtime to write lyrics, listen to music, etc. Not to mention it’s a great place to network with many people in the business (other musicians, actors, directors, casting agents). You never know, you could get that break you are looking for so always have a few cd’s handy with your music.

Actor Stephen Baldwin At An Independent Movie Premier In Los Angeles

Stephen Baldwin independent movie premier

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