5 Simple Music Marketing Tips For Musicians

Here’s a simple chart that is a good starting point for musicians looking to market their own music online. (Continue reading below the chart)

Music marketing for musicians chart

Step 1: iTunes

Your music should be available for sale on iTunes and the other main digital music services that people purchase through. In order to make it available, sign up with a company such asĀ CdBaby or Tunecore (there are many online, find which one suits you best).

Step 2: Your Own Website

You really should have your own website if you want to be taken seriously as a singer, musician, rapper or songwriter. You’ll need to register a domain name, set up hosting and begin designing your website. Click here for a great tutorial showing you how to set one up in a few easy steps. Your ultimate goal should be to get a ton of traffic to your website, and funnel it through to Apple’s iTune store so people can purchase your music.

Step 3: Social Networking

Set up an account at the big social networking sites (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr). Place a link at each one of these sites pointing to your main website (this will help you for online seo purposes). Stay active by posting videos, messages, photos, etc. Every thing you do will help towards your main goal. It’s also a good idea to sign up with the big musician sites such as Soundclick, Reverbnation and Soundcloud. Upload your music to these sites and mingle on their forums. Extra exposure and networking with fellow musicians is always a great idea.

Step 4: Getting Traffic

Now that you have your own website and various social networking sites, we can try to get more traffic to all these sites (in addition to the methods in step 3). Let me briefly explain each


Sign up for a few forums that cater to the type of music you are into (pop, rap, heavy metal, etc). Find forums that allow you to have a signature link to your website. Every time you post, you are creating awareness for people to check out your website as well as helping your site with indexing it in Google.


Fiverr is a marketplace where people buy and sell services for $5. If you need to boost your online presence, you can buy a gig and get extra traffic to your website or social networking pages. Some people offer to post your link on their Facebook page or their Twitter account with thousands of followers. Research the sellers and check their feedback to see if people have been happy with their services.


If you are just starting out on Twitter, chances are you don’t have any followers. Sign up for a free account at Twiends. You basically get points to follow people, and you use up your points when people follow you. You can get a couple of hundred followers pretty quickly. Mind you, these won’t be specific music fans of your music, but to have a good number of followers helps to establish you online.


It may be a good idea to start a separate and free music blog (check out WordPress.org or Blogger.com). Try to post a quick paragraph daily. It can be about the music business, about your own experiences, or about your genre of music. This will help you get extra traffic for your online profiles. You can even try commenting on popular music blogs and put your link to your website when you can. Link building is a basic seo strategy that will help you get more traffic to your website. The more links that point to your website, the more traffic you will get from online searches.


Craigslist gets a lot of traffic. Try posting a daily link in the musician section. It’s also a great place to network with other musicians.

Royalty Free Music Licensing Websites

As I mentioned in other articles, it’s a good idea to sell your music through royalty free sites. You can gain more exposure for your music and earn extra revenue when your music is sold and placed in movies, videos and commercials. On many of these websites, you can post a link to your own website as part of your profile, which is great. Check out Pond5, Revostock and Audiomicro to get you started (there are many more out there).

DJ/Record Pools

If you your music falls into a genre that can be played at nightclubs (such as dance, rap or R&B), you should consider submitting music to DJ Record pools. You basically provide them with your music for free. The DJs then play your music at what ever nightclub they work at and report back to the DJ pool owner (who then reports back to you). They’ll let you know how it sounds, how people reacted to your song, if they danced to it and if the dj will play it in the future. This is great, free promotion you really shouldn’t pass up.

2nd Youtube Account

Youtube is a great source for traffic. You might want to start a second account, possibly just to upload cover songs. If you go viral with one of them, you could funnel some of that traffic to either your main youtube channel or your website. It worked great for the duo Karmin, the exploded on youtube and now have a major label deal.

Step 5: Offline Marketing Methods

I would stress that steps 1-4 are the most important from what I mentioned. But you may get to a point where you are ready for more.

Local Shows

If you have a small following, try to do as many local shows as you can. Never pay to do a show, that’s not going to help you. Connecting with fans, selling cd’s and merchandise will only help your cause.


If you get a deal on flyers and want a little exercise, post them around your city promoting a club you will be performing at or just your main website. People bored in a bus shelter may look you up on their smartphone.

Paid Ads

I usually would not recommend paid advertising. But if you get to a point where you are making extra money and want to build your base even more, you can try to see what works for you. The popular online advertising outlets are Google Adwords for their online search, Adwords for Youtube and Facebook Ads. These are the most effective ones that will drive the most traffic to your cause.

Radio Ads

If you are doing a local show, you might want to advertise on small, local radio stations. Sometimes you can land a deal as low as $20 for a 30 second spot. It’s trial and error. Check their demographics and the amount of listeners they have. It may end up working for you.

Music Conferences

If there is a local music conference in your city (that is reasonably priced), by all means attend it. Bring business cards and cds because you never know who you are going to meet. The more people you can network with, the better for your career.

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