10 Tips On How To Optimize Your Youtube Music Video And Get More Views

Youtube is one of the prime outlets for up and coming musicians to build a following and get their music noticed. But if you don’t get traffic to your videos, then you are going to have a difficult time getting noticed. Let’s look at a few easy things you can do to help you rank your video and get more views.

1. Title

The title is the single most important part of your video. Make sure it relates to your video and try to put a few highly searched terms. For example, if you are promoting a cover song (be sure to read this article on Youtube Cover songs) you will want to put the highly searched terms in your title. A good example would be ” Brand New Justin Bieber Baby Cover Song Music Video By Hillary Smith). People searching for various terms “new Justin Bieber”, “Justin bieber baby”  or “Justin Bieber music video” may come across your video.

2. Video File Name

When you export your video, be sure to make a highly searched key term as part of your actual file name. As per the example above, a good name would be justin-bieber-baby-cover-song.avi

3. Tags

Youtube uses tags as part of their search algorithm. Be sure to put proper tags on your videos (do not spam it with irrelevant terms). Separate each term with a coma as such: justin bieber, new, music video, cover song, latest, etc.

4. Description

Try to write at least a paragraph as part of your video description and make sure to use appropriate highly searched terms. You can also put the lyrics to the song as well. The more content you have, the better chance you will get at getting traffic from what is called “long tail” search terms. People might search for a sentence in the lyrics of the song and so may come across your video.

5. Playlist

Make a playlist containing your video and songs of popular artists in your genre. If you know a few friends with Youtube accounts, ask them to create a playlist with your video as well.

Promote youtube video tips

6. Share

The more times your video is shared via social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc), the better chances you will have at ranking your video in the first page of popular search results. Share it as often as you can and ask your friends to do the same.


Ask people to comment on your video (via the description or annotations). The more comments, the better it is for your video’s ranking.


As with the comments, the number of likes you can have on your video can affect the ranking. Don’t buy likes or comments, make sure they are from legitimate subscribers and Youtube users. Once you have a few good comments, ask a few friends to like and respond to certain comments.

9. Links

The higher number of links to your video, the better your chances are at getting traffic. Link your video from all your personal pages (your own website, Facebook, Twitter etc). You can also post your videos on forums and popular online communities.

10. Web 2.0

Create a page at Squiddo and Tumblr for your video (and a few more if you have time, there are many sites out there). The whole point is to have additional links pointing to your video so you can rank higher and get more traffic.


These are easy things you can do that will ensure your youtube videos have the best chance at getting more traffic, and possibly going viral. What ever you do, don’t buy video views, likes or subscribers.  Doing so can jeopardize your account and more than likely, will not help to rank your video.

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